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What you see is what you get. Right? Wrong. Especially when it concerns photography. It’s what Sudeep Gurtu learnt in the course of teaching himself photography. Having picked up a camera while studying Interior Design at The Academy of Architecture in Mumbai, Sudeep soon understood it’s what you seek out and interpret from all that you see is what makes a photograph resonate with each individual’s unique story-telling idea. No matter what the subject matter, there is rarely ever a prescribed interpretation that can be termed definitive — and it can only be as boringly predictable, or enthralling, as one chooses to visualize it.

Now based in Bangalore, Sudeep has consistently applied that knowledge and understanding while working on a wide and varied spectrum of assignments in advertising and editorial fields — ranging from people and fashion, still life and product, food and beverage, besides working extensively with the Hospitality segment — employing his familiarity with Interior, Architecture and F&B.

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